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Receiving packages is more than simply unloading boxes!
It’s a complex, strenuous, and absolutely critical process for your business that needs to be carried out skillfully and systematically.
At NORFOLK 3PL, we step in to receive your packages at our warehouse and take care of all the requirements and procedures with our expert staff and streamlined systems.

  • Product Receiving and Unloading

    Whether you have ordered a single carton, several pallets, or a container load of items, our warehouses are fully equipped to unload your consignments safely and smoothly.

  • Counting & Inspection

    Our team carries out a thorough inspection to ensure all units are received according to the order and check for any damages or misplaced items before the consignment makes its way to storage.

Our team carries out a thorough inspection to ensure all units are received according to the order and check for any damages or misplaced items before the consignment makes its way to storage.

Cross Docking

Your containers arrival can be completely hassle free.
At Norfolk 3PL we make that happen.

If you’re awaiting a containers arrival and don’t have the space to unload + organize it’s contents, we’ve got your back!

  • Product Receiving and Unloading

    As soon as your container arrives at our warehouse, our dedicated team members unload and organize it according to the contents.

  • Palletization

    Our team will then palletize it all in our state of the art warehouse making it easier for the handling equipment to transport the items.

This service saves your company an enormous amount of time, energy and space as the container arrives to your warehouse all ready for storage.

It’s that easy with Norfolk 3pl.

Individual Product Shipping

We offer the convenience of individual shipping.

Besides our ability to ship your products in bulk, we can ship one single item as well within 24 hours of when it was purchased.

You can also customize the shipping method according to your preference- Fedex, UPS, DHL etc.

Nothing's too big or too small with Norfolk 3PL.


Finding a reliable storage space to keep your packages, merchandise, and more, without having to worry about exorbitant costs and mishandling is a near-impossible task.

At NORFOLK 3PL, we make it possible with our experienced team and state-of-the-art warehouses!

Whether you have a bulk load of cargo or a collection of small loose items, we look after every item in our storage with utmost professionalism and expertise.

  • Preparing For Storage

    Depending on the size of the consignments and nature of goods, we pack/unpack them with cutting-edge technology and high-quality packaging material into pallets and prepare them for storage.

  • Physical Storage & Digital Entry

    Finally, your goods are stocked securely in our facility, and our warehouse management system is updated, to ensure it is accounted for at all times.
    We charge an affordable monthly pallet rate customized to your products.
    From unloading and inventory management to shipping out to customers, remotely operate out of warehouse facilities and accelerate your business!

Amazon FBA

Coming aboard the Amazon platform opens up countless opportunities for your business.

But there are also strict regulations you need to follow to ensure your products are compliant and to keep operations running smoothly

That’s why directly shipping your products to Amazon can be a risky option. You don’t need to worry though. We have you covered!

From packaging and labeling to storage and shipping, we’ll fulfill your business’s every need and Amazon’s every requirement.

  • Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

    Packing and labeling according to Amazon’s guidelines can be both time-consuming and complicated.
    Send us the products and our team will skillfully pick, pack, and palletize the items with your label, and have them ready to send to Amazon.

  • Handling Returned Goods

    Goods can be returned for a variety of reasons, but to stay on top of the situation, you need to act quickly!
    The first step is collecting the returned products from Amazon’s facilities. Assign the task to us, and we’ll promptly and professionally handle the returns and store them in our warehouse.
    From there, we can go over your options to provide you an effective solution for repackaging to minimize the cost of returns and get back on delivery track.
    Speed up and streamline FBA warehousing and distribution!

    • We excel in working according to Amazon’s requirements with numerous FBA clients.
    • Our warehouses are equipped with the latest packing and labeling technology.
    • Your packages are delivered on time, every time.
    • No delays or costs incurred due to incorrect packing or labeling.
    • Our team of experts responds immediately and comprehensively to changes and returns.
    • You save time and money and avoid the hassle.


  • Reliable and flexible packaging
  • Punctual delivery
  • Documentation looked after
  • Affordable packages
We’ll also look after the warehousing during transit and ensure the goods are ready whenever you want them to be shipped. If you need them transported urgently, we’ll send them straight to air freight transportation with a high-priority booking!
Take the next flight in your business’ growth! Book your goods via NORFOLK 3PL.

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